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Helping Ourselves Pursue Enrichment...Recovery, Wellness and Community Reintegration Through Peer Support
Who We Are...
"We contribute to building a supportive, recovery-focused community of peers."
HOPE, Inc. in Tucson, Arizona, is a peer and family run outpatient treatment center that provides psychosocial rehabilitation and counseling services for adult consumers utilizing the public behavioral health system, being discharged from a crisis facility or incarceration, on probation or parole, and persons in Behavioral Health Court or Diversion Programs. HOPE, Inc. maintains the Arizona Vision and 9 Guiding Principles of Recovery by providing all services in a peer supported, member driven, and recovery focused model of care to assist members in forming supportive relationships, developing and utilizing social supports, living independently in the community and accessing community education and resources.  HOPE continues to maintain the integrity of true peer support while incorporating a professional/clinical quality of care.
Helping Ourselves Pursue Enrichment
Who We Are
HOPE’s Mission is to deliver recovery-based community services using empathy from our own experience to ensure every individual achieves the most fulfilling life possible.
Organizational Description
HOPE is the only Peer- and Family-run Comprehensive Service Provider (CSP) in the state of Arizona. HOPE provides all covered behavioral health services (psychiatric, counseling, medication, crisis, psychosocial, rehabilitation and support services) for all populations eligible for the public behavioral health system. HOPE’s creative model of service delivery eliminates the role of a single individual managing someone’s recovery goals (i.e. a ‘Case Manager’) and focuses on a team approach to recovery. 
HOPE Inc. also has several peer-support based programs in the community, separate from the CSP, which serves Pima County’s most vulnerable residents: individuals recently released from jail, individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis, individuals homebound due to chronic illness, and young adults on their own. HOPE strongly believes that using a recovery-centered peer support approach in all service delivery allows for a stronger and more genuine relationship, inspiring individuals to achieve fulfilling and meaningful lives.
HOPE, Inc. deeply understands what it means to provide peer support. From HOPE’s humble beginnings as a grassroots advocacy group in the late-80s to a present-day Comprehensive Service Provider, providing excellent peer- and family-run services has always been – and always will be – HOPE’s main mission. HOPE is 100% peer and family run, which means that everyone employed at HOPE identifies as an individual who currently lives with or has lived with mental health or substance abuse challenges themselves, or, has assisted a close family member or friend with the navigation of behavioral health or substance abuse challenges.

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