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About Us

  • Founded


  • Industry

    Social Services (Non-Profit)

  • Company Size

    1000+ employees

  • Headquarters

    Villanova, PA

Devereux Foundation - Inspiring Hope.  Empowering Lives.

Devereux is a leading nonprofit behavioral health organization that supports many of the most underserved and vulnerable members of our communities. Founded in 1912 by Helena Devereux, we operate a comprehensive national network of clinical, therapeutic, educational and employment programs and services that positively impact the lives of tens of thousands of individuals and families every year. We also focus on research-based prevention initiatives that help children and adolescents develop resilience and strong emotional and social health. We help empower children and adults with intellectual, emotional, developmental, and behavioral challenges to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives.


Devereux changes lives and nurtures human potential. We inspire hope, ensure well-being, and promote meaningful life choices.

Core Values

  • We support a respectful and integrated team approach.
  • We foster personal and professional growth of our staff.
  • We develop innovative and effective solutions.
  • We partner with families and communities.

Our Promise

To provide consistently high quality programs, services and resources in safe and supportive environments that enrich and empower individuals and communities, and provide support to help them be the best they can be. 

As Devereux turns 100, it is a new day, in part because of the work of Miss Devereux. America offers a culture of greater openness, communication, and sharing for those with disabilities. At this anniversary milestone, Devereux has an opportunity to gain even broader acceptance for the disability issues that affect so many American families, to tell the story of how early intervention and positive support can help, and to educate the public about how every individual can benefit from building social and emotional health and resilience.




“Devereux is an amazing organization that I’m proud to work for.  The caring people that work here and all the work they do motivate me to stay.”

“It is rewarding knowing you are making a difference in people's lives.”

“Devereux as a company has been very good to me. I have learned skills that I had no experience in. I love the job opportunity that was presented to me and that the team trusts me enough to do well. My co-workers are fabulous people. The benefits are good and I like the vacation time.”

“I feel comfortable here, feels like a family.”

“The benefits that Devereux as an organization offers are phenomenal and on a local level the management team is extremely supportive and understanding in regards to making family a priority.”

“I appreciate that Devereux allows innovation and flexibility in my work schedule. I have been given many opportunities to grow and develop within Devereux which has kept me here over the years!”

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