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About Us

  • Founded


  • Industry

    Private Practice, Family & Home Health Services

  • Company Size

    100-499 employees

  • Headquarters

    Mesa, AZ

People should always come first…


What are you really looking for in your career?

Chances are you’ll find it here, at Southwestern Eye Center.  After all, we’re a family-owned business so we’re able to do things differently.  And having your weekends off is just the beginning.

For us the only real measure of success is how much we can do for our patients

by doing more for the people who take care of our patients.  From flying out to provide care in underserved areas to making sure our technology is as advanced as it gets to offering ongoing development and advancement opportunities, we focus on the things that matter most.  See for yourself.

Open Tucson Jobs

There are currently no advertised positions at American Vision Partners in Tucson